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Luxembourg National courts The specialties of other countries has nachzukochen always something exciting in itself. However, it is rarely possible to prepare such food so that it is authentic. Maybe it is a lack of one or other seasoning, maybe get the individual ingredients with us not fresh enough to the market or the little extra gimmick that must be used when cooking, will remain a secret kitchen. A pasta asciutta, served in Italy, probably tastes different than at home, because there are many different ways to prepare this national dish in their own country. Similarly in Luxembourg: Again, there are small differences, often between households and a derseklben village so that "pastry", "Pate" and "Traïpen" every time can taste different.

The Luxembourg cuisine has the most resemblance to the French and yet it is possible that, for example, the production of cooked cheese and the preparation of "Gaardebounen" were introduced by Spaniards.

Who is visiting the grand duchy, which is recommended in any case, once to try the Luxembourgian cuisine!

(Ketty Thull: "Luxemburger Nationalgerichte " Translated by google translate from Deutsch to Englisch)